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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.


Dr. McKinlay would like you to feel free to reprint all "T(r)IC(k)S" and "Disinhibited Thoughts" articles from this site. Songs, research papers, and other handouts may also be reprinted.


Simply download the .pdf version of the article from the Writings, "Disinhibited Thoughts", "T(r)IC(k)S", General Articles, Helpful Handouts, Research Papers, or Songs mainpages.



  • If copying and pasting text, Dr. McKinlay asks that you include the following footer in your reprint of each writing:


"Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, Psychologist
Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Visit “Life’s A Twitch!” at

Copyright B. Duncan McKinlay, Ph.D., C.Psych. Printed with permission."


  • In addition to any individual titles, 'T(r)IC(k)S' or "'Disinhibited Thoughts" columns should also be identified by column name (i.e. as an article within that column).

  • Finally, professional photographs for promotional purposes are available for use. If you would like to run any of these writings complete with a picture of Dr. McKinlay please click here to obtain the gif files.

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